Best Areas To Farm Experience In Diablo 3

Multiplayer games are finally starting to pop up again thanks to this change, because prior to this it was much more efficient to run alone. Let’s look and see where they are, and all of these areas are under the assumption that you already have a 5 stack of NV so you can get max XP and MF for your runs.

Act 1

Act 1 was a terrible place to level and farm because of the lack of enemies and open areas. Mobs still die in an instant, only now you are getting an additional 10-30% experience which is like a free hellfire ring or head gem just for being with others. Goats and toads are abundant, and while slightly more spread out due to the size of the area, you can still train wreck mob packs easily because they are grouped up and very susceptible to AOE skills. As far as optimal routes those are still being discovered today and while I have found some great ones, how much better it is than others only time will tell. If you enjoyed multiplayer before then this is a beautiful thing because you can still continue to do what you were doing but now you are getting additional rewards for it.

Head out and destroy

There you have it! These are some of the best zones in Diablo 3 since the m88 patch has come out to farm xp and loot. I encountered a pack of at least 40 mobs in one specific area and it was glorious, definitely the place to be for farming in Act 2

Vault of the Assassin: No better area in Act 2 than this place. The experience here is great, and the loot is proving to be excellent as well as I’ve gotten 4 legendaries so far (even though only one was halfway decent).

Fields of Misery: The goat haven has received a significant buff from the 1.0.8 mod density changes. I recommend this after finishing a farming run for quick xp.

Act 2Diablo 3

Hell rifts: The hell rifts are totally different. I have gotten multiple triple digit killing sprees in this area because the whole entire zone is loaded with packs and streams of zombies and corpses coming at me. Act 3 was the definitive place to farm xp and loot, but patch 1.0.8 has turned this upside down where tons of more areas are viable for farming. That being said, let’s see what’s new!

Desolate Sands: Great area for farming and the mob density has been boosted somewhat. Still there were some areas that were beneficial to farm if you finished an Act 3 run and have a 5 stack going in.

The other act that has really seen a buff from the 1.0.8 Diablo 3 patch is Act 2. Good luck, and should these zones ever get nerfed or changed then just continue to play and find new places to get your character buffed up and geared.

Weeping Hollow: The Weeping Hollow has seen a boatload of increased pack sizes with more slow zombies and grotesques (The guys that explode after dying). Just be careful of the keywarden guy if you pull a massive pack as things can get tricky. With 1.0.8 coming out there are a host of new areas that players can do both in without feeling like they are missing out. Act 1 has seen a tremendous increase in many areas and I’m going to list them here. Great open area, lots of tight enemy packs and while area is huge so there can be moments of no activity, it’s still been boosted to where it’s worth it to run around here and farm

Dahlgur Oasis: Boosted tremendously since the patch, the mob packs are triple in size and are very abundant. It’s glorious getting killing sprees here and you will enjoy nonstop gold and loot drops as well as seeing the xp bar flying.


Diablo 3 gold

Experience farming

One of the most commonly asked questions is where are the best areas to farm loot and experience in Diablo 3. There are lots of enemies here but not a lot of space so you will quickly pound through this place. Roll through this area and your xp bar will move significantly.

Leoric’s Manor: The area surrounding the manor and inside are also great quick places to finish up a run. They are packed full of enemies from the moment you enter until the moment you destroy the guardian. Act 4 isn’t very impressive to me because even though the enemy packs have gotten better, they still dont’ compare to the prior three acts. This place has seen truckloads of additional enemy packs and while the patch is new and needs time to find optimal routes, Act 2 is proving to be a great addition to the mix and may very well be the best area in the game. Now with a few others you can be getting additional benefits to loot and experience just because others are present. That said, here are the areas that are great for farming.. There are loads of skeletons everywhere and you can’t find one area without a tightly packed group of skeletons and fire shooting enemies. With 1.0.8 mob density changes we can now find places in all acts to level up and get more drops and Act 1 is my first section in this article. This goes without saying, but even though these zones are fantastic and you should try them out, definitely do them with other people. Get into a group so you get additional benefits, and head out to the fields to destroy hordes of demons and enemies and farm your way to victory. I have gotten multiple triple digit killing sprees from these quick zones so they are definitely impressive.

Silver Spire level 2: The other area that seems fantastic is the second level of the Silver Spire. You will love the experience gain from this area.

Act 4

Act 3 was obviously skipped because the patch only touched Acts 1,2, and 4. The packs are all over the place and you are basically in combat the entire time. The xp boost that the 1.0.8 Diablo 3 patch has given for multiplayer games is significant

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